Monday, March 19, 2012

Crown of Her Husband

Today my wife and a group of ladies are starting a 30 day husband encouragement challenge. What an amazing gift for us men to have our wives speak life into us. Proverbs 12:4- “An excellent wife is the crown of her husband.” Crowns relate to wisdom, they encircle the head. Wisdom, in effect, surrounds and protects the mind and brings honor to the “head” of the one who has it. This verse declares that the godly woman is a crown to her husband. She is God’s gift to her husband and he will benefit from God’s wisdom through her. This 30 day challenge is just that, a challenge. It is not always easy to encourage, withhold negative talk, to honor, or to even show love when we as husbands don’t fulfill our part as husbands. Or the wife can be just tired of having to do everything. I write this because I was there at one time when I was not engaged in the day to day thing called life. I did part by providing financially for my family, but after that I was basically a no show. It was my wife who chose to take the high road in a sense and didn’t necessarily start encouraging me, but she decided to stop saying negative things towards my lack of leadership in the home. This made a difference in me over time. Then when she started to encourage me, I started to respond by stepping into my roll as husband, father, and child of God.
There is something about our wives encouraging us as men. When my wife says she loves me, it’s special, but when she tells me how proud she is of me, my chest puffs out and I feel like I can conquer the world.  I know there are times we as husbands don’t deserve what you as wives do for us, but I just want to encourage you, that it makes a difference. See your husbands as God’s son, before you see him as your husband. Remember when you honor your husband, you honor God first. So I pray that God gives you ladies the strength, the patience, the grace, the respect, and the love you need for the next 30 days. And may it continue beyond and make a radical shift in your marriages.
On the lighter side I found this prayer to help encourage the wives:
                                    Dear Lord,
                                    I pray for: Wisdom, to understand a man.
                                    Love, to forgive him and; Patience, for his moods.
                                    Because Lord, if I pray for strength, I’ll just beat him to death.


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