Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fifty Phrases to Encourage Your Child (for everyday use)

(From: What Kids Wish Parents Knew About Parenting, by Joe White)
1.You’re so much fun to be around!
2. You get better at that every time I see you. Way to go!
3. Hang on a second while I call Sports Illustrated—they’ll want a picture of this!
4. I’m going to brag about this. That’s great!
5. I look up to you!
6. That’s the best ______________ I’ve ever seen!
7. You are so thoughtful!
8.This is a tremendous improvement!
9. Good for you!
10. You’re such a joy to us!
11. I never did that well when I was your age!
12. Can I put this on the bulletin board at the office so I can see it every day?
13. You handled that beautifully!
14. That’s incredible!
15. You’re always teaching me something wonderful!
16. They just didn’t make kids as good as you when I was growing up!
17. You’re really special to me—and getting more special every day!
18. Keep that up and you’ll be the world champion someday!
19. I really enjoy being with you!
20. What a super effort!
21. The guy/girl who marries you will be so blessed!
22. That’s worth a trophy ten feet high!
23. Your mom and I are so grateful to be your parents!
24. I need to get word to the White House about this—the president will want to know about it!
25. I really enjoy your smile!
26. That’s fabulous!
27. There you go! That’s it!
28. You’re so helpful! Thank you!
29. You’re going to make it!
30. God is truly a miracle worker,to produce a kid as great as you from ordinary parents like us!
31. I wish I could have done it that well!
32. You’ll always be in my hall of fame!
33. I’m impressed!
34. I know you worked very hard on that. Wonderful job!
35. You’re the best!
36. You sure know how to do it right! Outstanding!
37. I love to hear your laugh!
38. You’re something else!
39. That’s amazing! How did you do that?
40. You take my breath away!
41. You never cease to amaze me!
42. I really like that!
43. Sensational!
44. Absolutely superb!
45. I believe in you!
46. Excellent! That’s the way to do it!
47. You make my day!
48. Fantastic!
49. You make me so happy!
50. I love you!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Love and Respect

Family Cell 5/15/09

Love and Respect
What’s love and respect got to do with it?
Ephesians 5:33- “However, each one of you also must love his wife as
he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.”
-Women need love (unconditional) from their husbands.
-Men need respect (unconditional) from their wives.
-God commands a man to love his wife and likewise God commands a
wife to respect her husband.
-Why not husbands respect your wife, and wives love your husbands?
-Wouldn’t that be easier since love is more natural for women and respect
is more natural for men?
-God knows us better then we know ourselves.
-God is our creator and loving Father. Before He formed us in the womb
He knew us.
-God understands when a wife is loved by her husband and a husband is
respected by his wife we become one and fulfill each other through God.
-Genesis 2:24- “Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be
joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.”

Speak Love
-Our words can build up or tear down.
-Proverbs 12:18-“Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of
the wise brings healing.”
-Husbands need to affirm, encourage, and bless our wives with pleasant
loving words.
-Let your wife know how much you need her. Remember God created us
as equals.
The Ultimate Need is Love
-Ephesians 5:25- “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the
church and He gave Himself for her,”
-Husbands, we need to learn to die to our own selfishness as an act of
love. When we as husbands deny ourselves, our wives receive it as love.
-Emerson Eggrich states that a wife has an air hose that goes to a love
-She needs love like she needs air to breathe.

-As husbands we can easily stand on our wives air hose when they don’t
feel loved.
-When our wives don’t feel loved, they react without respect.
-God commands a husband to love. Love does not come as natural to men
as in women.
-As we seek to become the man God wants us to be, we will learn to love
our wives as God commands us. We as men must die to our selfishness,
pride, isolation, lack of communication. We must learn to follow the
example that Jesus set before us. We must become more like Jesus.
-The result is a wife who feels and experiences unconditional love and a
marriage that grows in commitment, trust, fulfillment, and oneness.

Why Respect, Not Love?
-1 Peter 3:1-2- “…. Even if any of them are disobedient to the word, they
may be won without a word, but by the behavior of their wives, as they
observe your respectful behavior.”
-Like wives, husbands have an air hose to a tank labeled respect.
Husbands need respect, just as he needs air to breathe.
-When a wife is careful to show respect in obedience to God, her husband
will stay connected and teachable.
-A husband needs a wife who is behind him, believing in him,
appreciating him, and cheering him on.
-Our culture has the idea of love must be unconditional, but respect must
be earned. It has given a wife license to express, “I love him, but don’t
respect him.”
-In Ephesians 5:33 God commands a wife to respect her husband. He
does not command love, but respect.
-God knows love flows natural from a woman, but respect is not.
-Author Shanti Felhahn surveyed 800 men and women. She asked,
“would you rather feel alone and unloved or would you rather feel
inadequate and disrespected?”
-Overwhelmingly the men chose alone and unloved and the women chose
inadequate and disrespected.
-God has wired men and women different. Not wrong, just different.
-Your husband wants and needs to make a contribution through his life
that is worthy of respect.

-Without respect a husband will lack confidence and he will eventually
-A wife doesn’t need to feel respect in order to show respect
(unconditional). This is an act of obedience to what God commands of
wives in covenant of marriage.
- Showing respect does not give a husband a license to do
whatever he desires.
-Wives pray for your husbands as head of household, encourage him,
praise him.
-God holds your husband responsible for the welfare of your home and
-Ask yourself, “are you willing to die to your selfish nature and become
transformed in the likeness of Christ Jesus?” When we do, God will show
husbands how to love unconditional and wife’s how to respect
unconditional and we will honor God with our marriage.

A Husbands Love
-When you love her for who she is in Gods image
-You want to pray for her
-You want to be with her face to face (transparency)
-You empathize with her
-You resolve/reconcile with her
-You are completely committed to her
-You treasure her above all else

A Wife’s Respect
-Respect him for who he is in Gods image
-Appreciate his desire to work and achieve
-Appreciate his desire to protect and provide
-Appreciate his desire to be strong and to lead
-Appreciate his desire for a shoulder to shoulder friendship
-Appreciate his desire for sexual intimacy

Monday, May 11, 2009

In Honor of Mother's Day, Laugh!

Men Should Get Pregnant

My Feminine Side

Friday, May 1, 2009

12 Ways to Keep Your Love Alive

1. Praise is such a great gift, and it's so easy to give. So look at the things that make your spouse and others unique and develop the habit of praising them for those special things.
2. Every painful trial is like an oyster, and there is a precious pearl—a personal benefit—in every one; every single one.
3. Don't go it alone. Welcome fresh insights of other perspectives—from extended family, friends, good marriage books, or a qualified marriage counselor.
4. In a mutually satisfying relationship, both people's needs are expressed, and they have the flexibility to give and take.
5. Honor goes hand in glove with love, a verb whose very definition is doing worthwhile things for someone who is valuable to us.
6. All our trials, great and small, can bring more of the two best things in life: love for life and love for others.
7. Oneness does not mean that one mate dominates the other or that the stronger controls the weaker.
8. Anger is our choice. We can choose to see its powerful potential for destruction and take steps to reduce it within us. Otherwise, it's and iceberg sinking our love.
9. Better understanding of the motivations and actions that grow out of our basic personalities can help us achieve personal and marital satisfaction.
10. Sharing deep feelings with each other is emotional intercourse, and it's vital to sexual satisfaction.
11. As we reach out to another, our own needs for fulfillment and love are met.
12. Give seven or more praises for every one fault-finding suggestion.